Clerk Labs

Hey! Clerk Labs is an innovation shop based in the Nordics. Below are some of the ideas and projects that have sprung from the labs. We appreciate your attention and support!

Making sure that everything you do aligns with high level goal

Expense reports and travel claims based on your digital footprint

Bullshit Goggles

Surf the web in peace, or at least with a tad less bullshit


Stay quarantined, remain a customer! Your local business needs your help in order to survive, make a difference by reaching out

Take a trip down memory lane and explore what happened in your life this minute of the day, across the past days, weeks, months and years.


An alternative approach to time tracking that uses neither stopwatches, timers nor web forms.


Gauge the potential of business ideas using Jobs-to-be-Done theory and Outcome Driven Innovation

Daily Location

Effortlessly track your daily location using the camera on your smart phone.


The hard truths, tools and mindset you need to build up true passive income without falling prey to dream merchants and con artists along the way.


Location-based quiz games

Past Efforts

Integrate AI in your app within minutes.

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